Monday, 5 September 2016

Guilty as charged. The evidence is clear.

Lady Penne of Sarasota needs pills three times a day to stave off the skin infections to which she has been prone.

Years ago she accepted pills without complaint.

Then she went through a phase of resisting any and all medications.

(This brilliant dog could eat a meat-ball into which a pill had been buried -  without eating the pill itself).

In more recent days she has been very cooperative, but also a bit cunning.

She will let me throw the pill to the back of her throat,  and as I massage her neck she will swallow said pill, after which she wags her tail.


Sometimes that tail wagging is to fake me out.    She has pretended to swallow the pill, but after I have lavished praise upon her, and given her a treat she has spit the pill out.

She forgets that just like our parents I have eyes in the back of my head.

It happened today.

Here is the evidence

My floor isn't dirty, the dark bit is a shadow. (or so I say!)

Here is the guilty party


Well O.K.   this truly happened today.  But in the cause of truth you need to know that   I "planted" the pill you see in the picture after the fact, for a photo' op.

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