Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Sunday 11th/ Sunday Night -Monday Morning/Monday 12th

I was late for Church on Sunday 11th because the north drawbridge to Siesta Key was up. Lo and behold a stern-wheeler came splashing up the intra-coastal , a rare and unusual sight.  it was the Capt. J, (normally based in Fort Myers for day trips on the river.)

Stock photo'.

St. Boniface has its own Capt. J  - Captain Jack Chrisman USN (Retd.)

Sunday night/Monday morning I spent "half the night" dreaming about about a robot or drone I was developing to "plate" Caprese Salads, thus saving time for the kitchen staff in restaurants. When I woke up I couldn't remember how to  develop said robot.

Monday 12th  It's clear that I am not completely retired.  See these books on my desk.

Preparing for a funeral this coming Saturday.

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