Monday, 26 December 2016

Citrus challenged

I had to take my car this morning  to a local Goodyear Service Station for a leaking  tyre to be fixed.

I was certain that the station was located at 401 North Lime St, here in SRQ.

That was the address I gave to me good pal Rick who had agreed to meet me there, and drive me home.

I got to 401 North Lime Street. I twice  drove the length of the street.  There was no sign of a Goodyear Station.

Rick also got to 401 North Lime Street.   He also  twice  drove the length of the street. He found  no sign of a Goodyear Station.

I called Goodyear.   Oh dear, they are at 401 North Lemon St!

In truth I had my "Citrus is a twist".

Rick and I finally hooked up at the correct address from where he drive me home.

Later this morning Goodyear called me. They reported that they'd found a nail in the leaking tyre, and that all four tyres were in poor shape,

I was not surprised since the most recent report I received from Sarasota's wonderful Sam's Auto stated that they were showing signs of wear.

So here I am at the end of the day with:

Gratitude to Rick for meeting me at Goodyear early this morning,

Gratitude also to my neighbour Eddie Green who drove me to Goodyear when the work was done.

More than a few hundred dollars less in my checking/current account.

Embarrassed about my Citrus confusion,


When I finally arrived at Goodyear this morning I confessed that I had confused Lime and Lemon streets. 

The service agent responded witb  "It's easy.  Limes are green.  Lemons are yellow.  

 DUH, and giggle 

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