Thursday, 15 December 2016

Feeling Blue

I'll try to keep calm, but I have the blues.

This is because I drove my beloved sister Maureen and her good husband Bern to

for their flight to

Bernard and Maureen have been visiting with me for two glorious weeks,  We've had such splendid adventures, including a marvelous trip to the Bay State.

Today I got them to MCO much to early for their flight -  but we had each been anxious about traffic on Interstate 4

Saying goodbye at an airport terminal kerbside is rotten.  Maureen and I were very teary eyed.  She and Bern then moved into that part of hell known as an airport terminal, whilst I drove home (through a ten mile section of I-4 which had bumper to bumper traffic through the exits and entrances from the secular purgatory collectively known as "Disney").  

(Oh for the days when I could have escorted family members to their cabin on a transatlantic ship, and then waved to them from a Pier in Southampton or New York City as that ship gently edged out into the Atlantic!)

Maureen and Bern's friends, and their immediate and extended family members would all join hands and speak the truth.

They are good:  indeed the soul of goodness,

They are gracious: with a deep and generous warmth of mind and spirit.

They are godly: deeply rooted in their faith in God in Jesus Christ, but utterly non-judgmental towards those who do not understand or share that faith.


How blessed I am to have Maureen as a "big sister"  (she is 79, I am 73).who is also one of my dearest friends.

How grateful I am for my bro-in-law Bernard (86).

How glad I have been for their visit.   (Not just glad, but over-joyed).

With that in mind I will indulge in the weepy eyed blues for a wee while!

Bern and Maureen

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  1. Goodbyes are the worst. Even harder after the best for 2 weeks.