Monday, 20 March 2017

Greycing &c

I grew up about a mile away from Eastville Stadium, deep in the heart of the East  Bristol (UK) working classes.

Eastviille Stadium in the olden days. You can see the dog track

Back then the Stadium was the home of the Bristol Rovers Football (Soccer) Club;  I think too  of Motor Bike "Speedway" racing, and of GREYCING.

South Bristol also had a Greycing Track in the Knowle district.

Newspaaper ad. for Greycing  (In this case, not in Bristol

As a kid I had no idea what "Greycing" meant whether in Eastville or Knowle..  It was a while before I cottoned on to the fact that it was shorthand for Greyhound Racing.

(The Eastville Stadium is now the home of an IKEA store;  the Knowle Stadium  is most likely a site for homes.  Such is the typical  fate for  former places of the cloth-capped working class men in the U.K.).

My newly beloved Greyhound rescue BEN was once a racing dog here in SRQ.

The document I received today reveals that he raced 26 times and that he came in first four times, and second three times.

PSHAW  Ben is no longer a racer  (thank goodness).

He is my best pal!

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