Saturday, 8 April 2017

A peaceful Oasis in the heart of a City.

Come June I will have lived in Sarasota FL for eleven years, (I still find it hard to believe that I retired to Florida of all places!)

In these almost eleven years I had often read about Arlington Park but had never visited it. Until now.
It's a gorgeous oasis in the heart of the City of Sarasota, (but it is owned an maintained by Sarasota County).  (Yes, we have both City and County Government here).

The entrance of Ben into my life caused me to seek out and visit Arlington Park.  (Did I tell you that I have adopted a Greyhound named Ben. Maybe I forgot to tell you!!)

Tongue in cheek aside,  I have discovered Arlington Park  -  it's a wonderful semi-rural enclave  in the heart of a busy City.   Best of all, it is utterly available to one and all.

Arlington Park has a nice half mile walking trail.  Our Bayfront Park has the same, but Arlington has super shady areas, just the place to walk with my dog on hot summer days.

The pond, with Turtles soaking up the sun, and a Great Blue 

Shady area 1

Shady areas (2) and Ben's head

A pretty pond

New sniffing areas for Ben

There are also two fenced-in dog areas, one for small dogs, the other for the big boys and girls/. 

Having checked with the Racing Dog Rescue People I learned that it was O.K. to unleash my rescue in such areas.

I did so today.  

Five other dogs were there (with three owners) .   The five inspected Ben/  He inspected them. Then the five went back to their rumbustious play. Ben declined to join them/.

Instead he walked as far away from me as he could - simply to poop. As I got nearer to the poop scene (in order to pick up the mess0 Ben had a energetic run. Good for him!
Then he submitted to his leash and we resumed our walk.

You bet that we will go back to the Arlington Park dog area so that Ben can run to his heart's content.

With or without a dog do enjoy the sylvan glades at  Arlington Park.[take Waldemere (west)  off  South Tuttle Ave for the parking lot].  It is indeed a peaceful Oasis in the heart of a City.

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  1. Reminiscent of Snuff Mills/Oldbury Court?