Monday, 24 April 2017

Such uplifting skill - so good for my soul

I took myself to St. Boniface Church on Siesta Key last evening for the season finale of our our annual Concert Series.

The Church was all but filled for a splendid concert given by the Sarasota Opera Youth Chorus.

I wish that I could tell you more about the youth programme at the Sarasota Opera, but the various websites are inaccessible tonight.

Save to say that Sarasota Opera is a local treasure.

And that the youth programmes are great (based on what I saw and heard last evening):-  here were sixty or more young people who sang with discipline, great skill, enthusiasm and conviction.  They sang in Italian, German, French and English with never a score in sight! They created beauty!

It was a Concert which lifted my spirits.  Here is a set piece photo' from last evening which I lifted from the web.

I needed this reminder that life is not all about politics (Trump/May/Erdogan/Le Pen/Maduro etc). despite what the media (print, visual, audible and virtual) lead  us to believe.

Even the "storied and supposedly venerable"  National Public Radio is not much more than an intellectual hotbed of news, commentary, political talk shows and the like..   I am about to give up on our local and terminally boring NPR Station WUSF.    It is in no way as good as it could be, and that it claims to be,.

I can only take about twenty minutes worth of news and commentary each day.  WUSF offers more than fifteen hours of various news programmes and gab-fests, except on weekends when "nothing happens"!

 I need many more hours of beauty.  They are hard to find!  I did so last evening (Sunday 23rd)  at the Sarasota Opera Youth Chorus Concert.

Thank you St. B's and Sarasota Opera.


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