Saturday, 13 May 2017

Letter Carriers Food Drive

The N.A.L.C (National Association of Letter Carriers) has sponsored a Food Drive for  twenty five years.   The idea is to leave a bag or two of food by one's mailbox.  The mail man/woman will take that food back to a local sorting office from where it will be transported to the nearest Food Bank.

Local publicity in SRQ was sub-par this year - simply a plastic shopping bag in the mail, with references to Tampa and St. Petersburg Food Banks, but not to Sarasota  (and no date for the collection). (I went on line to find the date.)

So I was not surprised to discover as I cruised the neighbourhood that just about one in twenty five homes had responded. 

Nevertheless I persisted and left my contribution by my mail box.

I believe that that those who use Food Banks out of necessity are tired of items such as rice, beans, canned pineapple or dented cans of pinto beans.

So my meager offering this year was of breakfast cereals (as it has been for four or five years). I suspect that many food poor people do not wish to eat rice and beans for breakfast.. It cost me all of $20.

(Do remember that I have nice respectable middle class neighbors who are food poor. and need Food Banks.  The idea that it is only the lazy indigent poor wise who utilize Food Banks is a nasty conservative myth.)

A bit later I stopped by our local sorting office on North Beneva Rd. to take some snaps. It all looks very good until we realise  that this mail sorting office serves at least 10,000 homes, and probably many more than that.  So much for trickle down economics!.

My meager offering

At Glengarry  office 1

NALC publicity

At Glengarry office 2

At Glengarry office 3

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