Sunday, 9 July 2017

When the little things make the world go round

Last Thursday I went to my local 7/11 to get a newspaper and some cigarettes.  The cigs were not for me, but for my friend Bob who is in a memory unit in a retirement community.

I was a dollar short, so started to use my debit card.  The clerk/assistant said  "You don't need to use the card, I'll make up the difference as I go along". I protested but she was firm.

Later in the day I found the missing dollar bill in my pocket.  I went back to the store to hand it over to the young woman who had waited on me.

She smiled and said "I knew you would be back".


Saturday I went to the gym. The man who checked me in had the most delightfully resonant baritone voice.

As I left I told him that he speaking voice was so mellifluous and delightful.  He was grateful.  He told me that five years ago he had been offered a job as a radio announcer on the basis of his gorgeous voice.  He turned the job down, choosing to stick with his chosen career.

But he was so pleased that I cared enough to compliment him.

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