Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Too much plastic at Trader Joe's, Fresh Market and Publix.

Retail grocery stores binge on plastic.  It's not good for consumers, or for the planet.

For this reason I am rapidly falling out of love with Trader Joe's.

Their cheeses are good, their frozen foods are mostly fine, and their inexpensive wines are worth buying.

BUT  Oh, Trader Joe's is addicted to plastic. So much of their "stuff" (especially produce) is packaged in "clamshells", in cellophane bags. or on Styrofoam trays covered with plastic wrap.  Such a waste!

Maybe it's because their nearest distribution centre is in Daytona Beach, some 200 miles away.

Thus Trader Joe's offers very few foodstuffs if any  (especially produce) which are locally sourced.


I have a somewhat  jaundiced view of the "Fresh Market" chain, founded in Greensboro, N.C.

"Fresh Market" has an abundance of unpacked produce, meat, and fish at a premium price.

But they also use all too much plastic.

For instance:  last Saturday, in a moment of  weakness, I chose to purchase a grilled chicken breast at Fresh Market.

It was a 4 oz portion at a high price.  ( I salved my conscience by using it for two meals).

This is how it was packed:

All this for four oz. of chicken breast.

Fresh Market should be ashamed.   

By contrast  I bought  6 oz of fish at my local Publix Supermarket for my supper tonight.,  It was appropriately wrapped.

Good for Publix of course,  but sadly this chain is also addicted to selling  produce on those horrid styrofoam trays.

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