Friday, 11 August 2017

Roosevelt. How many Americans know this?

Field of Roses/Roosevelt

Having just waded my way through a a comprehensive biography of Alexander Hamilton (see my earlier blog) at

I am now enjoying a biography (published in 1992 and written by Nathan Miller) of President Theodore Roosevelt.

Published by Quill//William Morrow1992
I'll bore you later with details of the book, but for now here is a bit of trivia.

The surname Roosevelt is Dutch by origin,  It arises from the town/area from which the family grew.

Roosevelt, and its alternative spellings,  means (in English)  FIELD OF ROSES.

Makes sense n'est pas?

But I wager that many Brits, Americans, and Europeans (apart from the Dutch) have never made this connection.

(I saw my Dutch/South African friend Pal Van D. this afternoon and he confirmed the meaning/origin of the Roosevelt name/)

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