'Cause Pepperidge Farm Remembers (and I got it all wrong)

When I came to the U.S.A in 1976  I was assigned to a small congregation in the already declining paper mill town of Fitchburg, MA.

The congregation took me sight unseen on the recommendation of the then Bishop of Western Massachusetts, Alexander D. Stewart.

I was provided with a tiny and comfortable apartment and a serviceable V.W. Beetle. 

I was entranced by American T.V. and watched a lot of  N.B.C. from Boston  (until 1995 on WBZ)  from the Today show with Tom Brokaw, Jane Pauley and Gene Shallitt, to the nightly news (with that marvelous correspondent Douglas Kiker), and the Tonight Show with Johnnie Carson.


I especially remember the Pepperidge Farm commercials.  Here is one from about 1978


I believed that Pepperidge Farms was a family owned farm and bakery, not far away from Fitchburg in southern New Hampshire!

Last week I bought some Pepperidge Farm frozen dinner rolls. (I never know when five of my favourite friends might show up for dinner all uninvited so it's good to be prepared).

The wrappers amused me

What makes them French?  In what sense are they artisanal or hand crafted?  Does stone baking make all the difference?

The artisanal and hand crafted bit seems to be no more that the "hand scoring" of each roll before baking.

But all my cynicism was abated when I learned that those skillful bakers on that small farm in New Hampshire smile a little as they think of me discovering the crisp, golden crust and soft, moist inside.

God bless each and every one of them.


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