Thursday, 28 February 2019

Dangerous hordes of feral Amish folks in Sarasota. BEWARE!

In about December of every year a dangerous horde of feral Amish folks descend on Sarasota. They plague our otherwise safe streets until March of the next year.

The Amish/Mennonite district of Pinecraft is a place to be avoided in the daylight hours. Not only Pinecraft.  The feral Amish have been spotted as far away as the Beneva/Fruitville junction much too close to my home.

Souped up tricycles cross Fruitville

Note those who lurk behind a power line pole on the north east  side of the intersection.  SNEAKY

Amish women keep watch over Big Olaf's Ice Cream parlour.

The secret place under the guise of being a popcorn vendor, where tricycles and bicycles are souped up,  

Amish bikes and trikes at an un-manned check-point on Bahia Vista Street.
 HELP!  Our way of life is being damaged by the peace-filled and prayerful Amish.

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