Not Four Guys, or Six Guys but somewhere in between.

The people of the United States are besotted with their Burgers. 

What used to be an occasional treat, or a welcome summer barbecue item, has now become an essential part of daily eating.

Note the proliferation of fast food burger joints -  not just the now old fashioned McDonalds, Wendy's and Burger King, but now (in our area) Culvers, Smash Burger, and the one which is not "Four Guys or Six Guys but somewhere in between". 

This massive consumption of beef is not good for the human digestive system.  It is bad for the environment (razing ancient forests to become Cattle Ranches etc).

The other day I went with my good friend A. to have lunch at the one which is not "Four Guys or Six Guys but somewhere in between".

 I ordered a BLT.  It was horrible, consisting of a lot of bacon, not much lettuce or tomato,  served in a cold and poor quality Hamburger Bun.  Maybe I was foolish to order a BLT in a Hamburger joint.  But at the least, I had expected a classic BLT:

No such luck at the fast food joint which is not "Four Guys or Six Guys but somewhere in between". My BLT was horrid.

My friend and I each ordered "fries" which were served unceremoniously at the bottom of a brown paper bag.  

Fries? Too many Fries.  Both of us had enough to feed three people.  We could not eat them all. What a waste.

We both ordered a drink. She had Coca-Cola, I had Lemonade. Our beverages were served in a one use plastic beaker, with a one use plastic straw.  What a waste.

I so much enjoyed the company of my good friend A. 

Her company aside    I have felt unhealthy bloated for 24 hours.

  Maybe I should move t'wards a vegetarian  diet.


If you are a regular at "Not Four Guys or Six Guys but somewhere in between" please encourage them to offer fries in three sizes: e.g.
small, medium and large,  and to abandon the single use of plastic beakers and straws.


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