Sunday, 29 December 2019

The Good And The Ghastly

The Good

So much prime rib with the fixings left over from Christmas Day!

Enough to give me re-heated Christmas dinners on December 26th and 27th.

Even then I had a huge chunk of leftover meat.  "Waste not, want not";  so it went into pretty decent Beef Curry.

Beef, onions, red peppers, plum tomatoes with Thai style green simmer sauce. YUM
The Ghastly

Bought a baguette at the Lakewood Ranch Farmers Market this morning (29th Dec) from a so called French Bakery.

What a fail!

You can see that the crust is under cooked.  Beneath the crust the bread was horribly chewy (as chewy as Alligator meat - which itself  is similar to  munching on slightly salty rubber bands). 

What a disappointment.

Never Mind.

Life is not perfect.   

The Beef Curry was great 

The Baguette will be redeemed when it is  toasted for breakfast.

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