Thursday, 27 March 2008


Salmagundi (look it up!)

A bracing early morning walk. Diet and exercise are working. I’ve shed 18lbs. Now comes the hard part. Another 10-12 lbs to go.

Prayer service at Res. House. “J” and “Grandpa” started to argue in the Chapel. 'Twas over nothing, just the sparring between an old buck and a young turk.

Half an hour to kill. Wandered the neighbourhood of Res. House.

Chatted with “T” on the street. She is an outrageous blonde with a sad heart. We talked about what it meant to have a smile which masks deep sadness. A meeting point for “T” and me.

Next was “M” who was in a chipper mood on the street. He is the eternal optimist.

Then I saw “G” sitting on the pavement. “How are things with your wife?” I asked. “Not good” was his reply “I think that I should give up”.

“I am sorry to hear that”, I said, “but whatever you do, don’t give up on your children”.

He grinned. “Sometimes”, he said, “the Lord sends me the right messenger at the right time”.

We shook hands as I whispered a prayer.

Back in Res. House I sat down with “J”. “What’s my name?” he asked. “J” I said.

“O.K” he countered “but what is my last name?”. I remembered it.

Confidence re-established, we chatted for ten minutes about his hopes and dreams.

Then it was off to “Sierra Station”, my favourite lunch place. I ate with David DeSmith, my former organist and assistant Priest in Pittsfield. David and his partner John are in SRQ for a brief post Easter vacation. (David is now Rector of a parish in New Jersey). It was a lovely reunion.

As I left my parking place, I creamed another car. “Oh shucks” I uttered, or some similar words.

I left a note with my name and phone number. The owner called me, with gratitude for my courtesy, at 4:00 p.m.

Now I am faced with a Car Insurance deductible, and increased premiums - all for want of attention.

I was in a hurry for an appointment with me excellent dermatologist , Dr. Stroble. I have been treating one side of my brow with a very expensive cream ($120 for 30 grams) to burn off some pre-cancerous spots.

She and I each agreed that the treatment was working well, so now I’ll treat the other side.



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