Tuesday, 25 March 2008

A weekend in Boston

I was in Boston for the Good Friday - Easter weekend, visiting my London friend Joe who is working there for a wee while. I stayed at his company condo in the Financial District.

I was at the Cathedral for Good Friday (I sat next to Cleanthe Marsh from St. James's --- much to our mutual delight).

There were four preachers - Bishop Barbara Harris, Dean Jep Streit, Canon Steve Bonsey and the wonderful Revd. Stephanie Spellers.

Steve and Stephanie were hot!

I was back at the Cathedral on Easter Day.

I discovered that the Cathedral has come to life in a big way. 'Twas a wonderful Liturgy.

(The Cathedral used to be like a morgue with Organ music).

I sat with Elizabeth Bonsey and the children (sans Noah). Bishop Bud had bailed out early that morning (with 'flu'), so Bishop Barbara Harris celebrated and Steve Bonsey preached. He was on top and rare form - a truly memorable Easter sermon. Annie Bonsey (12) read the first lesson with great aplomb.

Of course I had a post Eucharistic cigarette with + Barbara Harris and we got caught up.

My friend was working all day, so I invited myself to Easter dinner at the Reads, (in Cambridge) with the Bonseys and Taylors also present. It was a lovely, lovely time with St. James's parishioners.

I did not call or visit other folks as I was there to visit with Joe. But I did wonder as I got off the T at Central Square and walked down Brookline Ave., whether or not I'd bump into a stray St. Jamesian or two. That did not happen.

And now I am glad to be back at home.

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