Wednesday, 30 April 2008

I am so fu-king angry

I simply do not have enough orifices to release the steam which is been in my system today.

FIRST, there was this internet story, from The Episcopal Cafe

Williams won't allow Robinson to function as priest in England

Citing fears of creating a controversy, Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury has refused to grant Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, the right to preach or preside at the eucharist in England. Robinson received the news in an email yesterday morning.

Sources familiar with the email say Williams cites the Windsor Report and recent statements from the Primates Meeting in refusing to grant Robinson permission to exercise his priestly functions during his current trip to England, or during the trip he plans during the Lambeth Conference in July and August.

The Windsor Report does not discuss the ordination of a candidate in a gay relationship to the priesthood, and it is priestly, rather than episcopal functions that Robinson had sought permission to perform. The primates' statements, similarly, have objected to Robinson's episcopacy, not his priesthood.

Several provinces in the Communion ordain gay and lesbian candidates without requiring a vow of celibacy. It is unclear whether the Church of England forbids these priests from exercising their functions within its jurisdiction as a matter of policy, or whether Williams' ban extends only to Robinson. Many gay English priests live with their partners, but are expected to remain celibate.

The email, which came to Robinson through a Lambeth official, says Williams believes that giving Robinson permission to preach and preside at the Eucharist would be construed as an acceptance of the ministry of a controversial figure within the Communion.

Williams has not denied permission to preach and preside to Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria, who gave his support to a failed legislative attempt to limit the rights of Nigerian gays and their supporters to speak, assemble and worship God collectively. Akinola has yet to respond to an Atlantic magazine article which suggests he may have had prior knowledge of plans for retributive violence against Muslims in his country that resulted in the massacre of more than 650 people in Yelwa, Nigeria.

Williams has not denied permission to preach and preside to Bishop Bernard Malango, the retired primate of Central Africa and one of the authors of the Windsor Report. Malango dismissed without reason the ecclesiastical court convened to try pro-Mugabe Bishop Nolbert Kunonga for incitement to murder and other charges.

Williams has not denied permission to preach and preside to Bishop Gregory Venables, primate of the Southern Cone, who has now claimed as his own, churches in three others provinces in the Anglican Communion (Brazil, Canada and the United States). Nor has he denined permission to preach and preside to Archbishops Henry Orombi of Uganda, Emanuel Kolini of Rwanda, or Benjamin Nzimbi of Kenya, all of whom have ignored the Windsor Report's plea not to claim churches within other provinces of the Communion.

Sources who have read the email say Williams expresses sorrow for the way the ban on Robinson must appear to the bishop and his supporters, but says he is acting for the good of the Church and the Communion.

What a tragic read. What or who is +Rowan defending?

The Church? It will love and live long after +Rowan has been forgotten!

Jesus? This “man for others” is bigger and more generous than you, than me, than the lofty Archbishop of Canterbury, and the loving and gentle Bishop of New Hampshire. Jesus needs no defenders. He had none when on trial before Pontius Pilate.

The Anglican Communion? Does G-d give much more than a fig for this ecclesiastical fiction?

The realm/reign of God? Oh dear + Rowan. You are but a speck in that realm. Never forget that , “many who are first will be last”. That includes the Venerable and Legalistic Archbishop of Canterbury (whose theology and practice are so miserably bifurcated).

My good brother +Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire has the courage to live at that painful intersection of theology and practice.

Steam from my anger at the Archbishop of Canterbury’s miserable and petty leadership.

SECOND, because of what I saw at Resurrection House today.

Two (male) Deputy Sheriffs arrived. They were seeking J.N. They had a warrant against her for her failure to appear in Court to face charges.

J.N. was in a robe and underwear. Her only regular clothing was out of the washer, but not yet in the drier.

We pleaded for time to enable us to find suitable clothing for J.N. from our clothing store.

The Deputy Sheriffs would have none of this. They cuffed J.N. in her robe and underwear, and led her away, oblivious to our polite requests to allow her to be decently clothed.

They were both male.

I swore up a storm. I was simply so fucking, fucking, fucking angry.

At the way which those jerks treated J.N.

And at my powerlessness.


  1. What a strong constitution/faith/heart/... you have to live a day like today was for you and still be able to write about it clearly and civily! Thank you.

  2. The word/concept that comes to mind is FIE. Fie on you, -Rowan. Just...fie. Fie on bullying, irrational cops who are not worthy of the badge. Just...fie.