Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Missing in Florida

Spring, if there is such a thing in South West Florida, has sprung with a vengeance. The days are lovely with temperatures in the 80f range. Blooms are blooming.

But there are missing pieces in a SW Florida gardenscape.

There is no Lilac. I miss Lilac. Uncle and Auntie Charlton, next door in Devon Road, Bristol had Lilac trees. So I grew up with them.

The best Lilac I’ve ever met was in Pittsfield. I was walking in my neighbourhood one evening, just after a brief rainstorm. Lilac scent filled the air. Heavenly!

There are no Daffodils. I s’pose it doesn’t get cold enough in winter for the bulbs to die and rise again. I miss Daffodils. The finest daffodils I ever saw were in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, U.K. There they grew wild, and in massive abundance. Generously.

There are no Lupins. They were the first flower I learned to identify as a young child. The most wonderful Lupins I ever saw were in California. They grow “wild” and blanket the grassy strips around roadways. Fascinating.

There is no Wisteria. Oh lovely Wisteria. Especially lovely if it frames the porch of an old house, or drapes itself over a wall. I enjoyed fabulous Wisteria in France, and in Atlanta, Georgia. Memorable.

But my Florida native “Prostrate Porter Weeds” are doing so well. They are a great butterfly attracter And the Live Oaks, the huge Live Oaks, often decked with Spanish Moss are a wonderful part of the landscape.

I made up a joke today.

“What do cats use to send messages via the internet?”



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