Thursday, 29 May 2008

In deep shit

We are in deep trouble in the United States. The extremists of the right who have called the shots under the Village Idiot from Texas, are bringing us to our knees in the name of neo-con ideology.

The Constitution has been shredded; we are loathed and scorned throughout the world; Islamaphobia rules our foreign policy and the recession is not imaginary - it is real.

Today, I called the Landscaper who takes care of the Glen Oaks Condominium Association properties, to ask that his firm would pull out the roots of some old shrubs which I am replacing.

Before I could get to that, he began his tale of woe. He is about to lose his home and his life savings because of a business opportunity which has gone sour. He was crying on the ‘phone.

I have a neighbour who is a Realtor. Life is tough and grim for him, and he is earning next to no money. He is hanging in there in hope, but is happy if I purchase a few extra groceries and take them to his home.

B is a great guy who works part time at Resurrection House. We are his only source of income. He’s just had major surgery (the hospital will have to absorb these costs - which is one of the reasons why Health Insurance is so expensive in this country - we who have Insurance are helping to cover the costs of those with none.

B lives alone in one room in a rooming house. He’ll not be able to return to work for at least two months. Many of we volunteers are already pulling together to make sure that his rent is covered, and that he is supplied with food.

These three stories could be duplicated a million times each in these United States. We are in deep economic trouble, and the Administration doesn’t “get it:, nor does it give a hoot.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Isaiah) and John McCain has no vision, except to continue the utterly disastrous policies of the present regime.

Hillary Clinton’s vision is murky, but she would be more than the lesser of two evils in a McCain/Clinton Presidential contest.

Barack Obama indeed brings a message of hope. I believe that he knows what it will take to dig us out of this morass.

For what we need is not a Messianic Super President. We need a leader who knows that we must work TOGETHER: one who encourages coalitions of hope and action which do not favour special interests.

Whomever becomes President, I long that she/he will renew the republican vision of Abraham Lincoln: that "government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth".

In that sentiment alone is our hope.

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  1. Amen, and amen!

    Only by drawing together and helping each other through this crisis will we survive.