Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Lowered ears

I wandered outside a few minutes ago (19:15 hours on June 24th). There was thunder in the air, and I wanted to enjoy it.

Down the road came “Sid” in her wheel-chair with her dog, Sparky. Sid has M.S. and is a living “miracle”.

Then “little Betty” arrived with her pooch “Cocoa”. We call her “Little Betty” to distinguish her from another Betty (who is but marginally bigger!).

Soon we were by Jane, another neighbour.

We exchanged bits and bobs of news, mostly about the illnesses of our various neighbours. (That’s the rule of life when you live in a 55+ community!)

Then little Betty said “Michael, you’ve had your ears lowered”.

Yes indeed. I went to my local Barber Shop today, (a wonderful and funny place) and asked for a “buzz”.

Not as a fashion statement, but because my good dermatologist, Karen Stroble has identified some pre-cancerous spots on my scalp (Actinic keratosis) - which have not been responsive to the usually effective zapping.

So now I have to treat them with that noxious cream “Carac” which played such havoc with my face earlier in the year.

It is simply easier to apply “Carac” to a semi-bald pate.

And I have to be careful. For Dr. Stroble also removed a Squamous-cell carcinoma from my left hand last week.


  1. From the photo I can see that your new, healthful life style agrees with you!

  2. Oh that Celtic skin. Every time I go to the dermatologist he comes into the examing room with his can of frozen nitrogen. There's always something to be zapped!