Friday, 27 June 2008

Tonight, and a terrible pun.

Sarasota and Bradenton have a goodly number of gay and lesbian residents, mostly in the 55+ age group. (Younger gays and lesbians tend to settle in Fort Lauderdale, on the east coast of Florida).

But the communities have never been able to sustain a decent gay/lesbian friendly bar. There is one such establishment, but it is dreary and scuzzy beyond belief.

So “we” were delighted to learn that a new bar was opening tonight. It is owned by the folks who also own a half-decent Italian Restaurant which is next door. In fact, there is a door between the two establishments.

The bar is called “Martinis” and it is a nice part of town.

My neighbour Ed Green and were to have gone to the Theatre tonight, with tickets he had been given.

I’d invited Ed to dinner before the theatre, and in the meantime I read reviews of the New York production of the play “The Good Body“, by Eve Ensler.

I printed this review for Ed to read, and he had the same reaction as I:- “this is not a play I want to see”.

“Let’s have dinner” Ed said, “and then check out the new bar” (it’s a 1 ½ miles from where we live).

So that we did, and were distinctly impressed. The place has a good ambiance and a lovely d├ęcor.

It was crowded tonight (opening night). Ed and I encountered many friends.

I am not a bar-hopper, and in fact rarely frequent bars.

But it will be nice to have a glass of wine, a soft drink, or a cocktail before dinner next door.

And it will be nice to have a place to “hang out” with lesbian and gay friends where “everybody knows your name”.

I thought that I would not have much to blog about tonight, but the trip to “Martini’s” gave me fodder.

I’d planned to simply tell you the awful pun joke I made up yesterday.

“Did you hear about the 14th Century man from Bohemia who decided to become a Knight in Armour?”

This is the origin of the phrase “the Czech is in the mail”

(Groan if you must!)

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  1. GROAN indeed! Glad to see you are still so good at that.