Thursday, 31 July 2008

Gratitude is a good attitude

Some years ago I officiated at a wedding at St. James’s in Cambridge.

The groom and bride had planned well, and they especially desired that their guests would be made to feel welcome at the ceremony.

So they eschewed the normal folderol and hired a wonderful string and flute trio to play before, during and after the ceremony.

The Trio played beautifully, and I thanked them in my homily. Immediately after the ceremony the flautist came to my office and said “I have played at many weddings, but never before has the Priest/Minister expressed thanks for the music. Tell me more about this Church”.

Today, that flautist, her husband and four children are devoted worshippers at St. James’s. Their last name is “Pope” and St. James’s boasts that it is the only Church which has six Popes.

I was at “Sam’s Club” the other week to make a purchase. The checkout Clerk could not have been more helpful, and he showed me a way in which I could save some bucks.

I wrote a note about him and placed it in the customer comment box. I also conveyed my appreciation to one of the store Managers.

Two weeks ago he was promoted.

The replacement of the Mansards at Glen Oaks Ridge Villas where I live is proceeding apace. The workers come up from Naples (a two hours drive away), and many of them do not speak English. They are hard working beyond belief, diligent, friendly and efficient.

I tracked down a Vice President of the Company, and e-mailed him with a word of thanks for this work crew.

He wrote back, thanking me for my kind words, and assuring me that the crew and their immediate bosses would be told of my appreciation.

It’s very easy to complain. But it’s so much richer to say “thank you”.

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