Monday, 28 July 2008


Bishop Gene Robinson keeps up his good witness at the fringes of the Lambeth Conference. He had an excellent interview which was published in yesterday’s London Sunday Times.


I forwarded it to a few folks, both straight and gay. A couple of the straight folks were those I’d presumed to be also narrow.

Both replied with such affirming words about gay and lesbian people in the Priesthood and Episcopate: they are tired of the hypocrisy of the ultra-conservative Bishops who condemn homosexuality, but are silent about genocide, repression etc. in their home Countries.

Meanwhile, Bishop Thomas Shaw (my Bishop in Massachusetts) reports that the American and Canadian Churches are being “called out” in hearings at the Lambeth Conference.

Apparently (and this is my interpretation, not Bishop Shaw’s) the American and Canadian Anglican Churches are to be blamed for every ill in world-wide Anglicanism.

Res House was crazy today. Our guest count was down considerably, but there was so much tension in the air. The SRQ authorities are clamping down on the homeless with a vengeance, and this makes many folks quite jittery. Here is SRQ you can be arrested for sleeping in a car under the rubric of “unlawful lodging”.

This is a town, as one guest wryly observed, where it is a crime to sleep.


I s’pose that our World cannot exist without “scapegoats”. These days they are gay people, or homeless people, or Muslims.

My bronchitis has flared up again, so I am off to bed afore 7:30 p.m.

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