Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Mosquitoes and Ducks

Some good folks have asked me “but what about all the bugs in Florida?”

“Wot bugs?” I ask.

To be sure I have my home sprayed four times each year, and I did once step on a nest of fire ants.

But I have never seen a cockroach anywhere near my home, and mosquitoes are wonderfully absent. I have had a mosquito bite but once in two years.

There are other larger critters, and I once stepped on a (harmless to humans) Rat Snake which had crept into my front porch. But I have to travel to a State park to see alligators.

No mosquitoes, and no Muscovy Ducks (this year).

Our pond usually has two or three families of Muscovy Ducks. But they are nowhere to be seen this year. And my favourite Anhinga has not returned.

Given climate change and air and water pollution, this is a bit worrisome.

As is the alarming decline of small birds in the United Kingdom.

The old fart leaders of the G8 countries now fiddle whilst mother earth “burns”.

And no leader, whether Pope, President, Prime Minister, or Prelate will address a major world issue.


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