Monday, 7 July 2008

This, that and the other

I spent the weekend off-line, trying to update my “Skype” internet ‘phone service, so that “caller I.D.” would work on Skype.

I do not believe that I succeeded. What I do know is that the sound system on my Computer has gone haywire.

Time to call in an expert! That’ll cost me about $85 an hour.

I traveled to St. Boniface Church on Sunday, forgetting that they are on summer schedule.

I was an hour early, but could not wait, as I had invited two friends to my home for Sunday lunch, (I grilled some terrific steak).

Back again at Res. House this morning. It was tough. It’s impossible to reply to six people who are asking questions, and requesting services at the same time. I was not always the model of restrained patience!

( In other words - I “blew a few people off”!)

I cannot always be “Mr. Sweetness and Light” and the Res. House guests know this, and in many ways respect it. They know that I am a flawed human, and they’d rather deal with this than deal with a plaster saint.

And I made not a few of our guests laugh or smile.

Back at home I checked the Sarasota County Sheriff’s arrest website.

‘Twas sad. I read of the arrests of six of my Res. House friends - all but one for minor violations. The City Police and the County Deputy Sheriffs are tough beyond words on the homeless.


When the weather is “normal” we get a thunderstorm with rain each afternoon in the summer.

It did not happen much last year (2007), but we seem to be back on track this year.

We had a massive and wonderful thunderstorm beginning at 16:30 Four hours later there is still a gentle rain. Good indeed for our rivers, ponds, gardens, reservoirs and aquifers.

I love rain! Must be cos I grew up in England!

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