Tuesday, 15 July 2008

On being homeless and other stuff

I did not add to my blog yesterday. This was because I could not connect my wireless keyboard via Bluetooth.

I was entirely frustrated and ready to pay big bucks to a computer guru. But I figured out the problem this morning, and patted myself on the back for figuring it out, and for saving some money.

After my Eye Doctor's exam this morning she declared that my eyes are very healthy, but that I needed a new prescription for spectacles.

Off I went to an Optician, and discovered that I could buy new glasses at a bargain price. All well and good, until I discovered that the quoted price was simply for the frame. To include (the somewhat essential) lenses would more than double the cost.

It was a bit like buying a new car at a good price, only to find out that the engine would cost more!

Eyesight is one thing, but my left hand is still swollen, and quite painful, even after two weeks' worth of oral antibiotics. I'll see the infectious diseases Doctor again on Weds 16th July, and together we'll figure the next stage in treatments.

The cats, Adelaide and Ada, give me more joy than I could have imagined.

Adelaide follows me everywhere, and is always at the front door to greet me when I arrive home.

Ada is getting more bold, and ready to explore my home. But she also spends much time on my bed. Sometimes I look around from my computer (in the bedroom), to see Ada perched on that bed, all ready for me to caress her.

I was at a local supermarket yesterday afternoon and encountered V and J, regulars at Res House.

J is a very attractive young woman. She uses her considerable sex appeal to gain "special favours" at Res. House. It works, even for old queers like me.

V. is working hard as a house painter. He is very tender with J.

They want to rent an apartment. But they still live on the streets.

They are in a Catch 22 situation.

For to rent an apartment they would have to save about $1,500 (first and last month's rent, plus security deposit).

But if you live on the streets, food is very expensive.

V and J were in the Supermarket to buy a Rottiserie chicken for their dinner. This cost them more than $6, and they had to eat it with their bare hands. That was for but one meal.

Breakfast at a fast food joint woud have cost them a minimum of $8.

Lunch would be no less than $10.

And so, my dear readers.

Try to imagine that you are a homeless couple.

Do the addition.

One of you earns about $300 per week. The other cannot find work.

It costs you at least $200 each week, simply to eat.

So you must save for more than three months to rent an apartment. Your Bank will impose extra charges, even on a savim

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