Friday, 18 July 2008

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More about that ‘phone call tomorrow.

I read a number of newspapers “on line” each morning, including the London, U.K. papers “The Daily Telegraph” (conservative), and “The Guardian” (liberal). It is interesting to note their spins on identical stories.

The Telegraph has the best Obituaries. Today I read of the death of the singer Jo Stafford, aged 90.

Jo Stafford was a big band singer long before my era. She sold more than 25 million recordings, many made with her husband Paul Weston.

I came to “know her” from an old B.B.C. radio program “Family Favourites”, broadcast each Sunday. The compere (David Jacobs in later years) would introduce and play requests and dedications mailed by the public.

(Many of the requests were dedicated to military servicemen at BAOR - the British Army On the Rhine [a post WW11 occupation Army in Germany]. That dates me!)

From time to time the request would be for a recording of Jo Stafford singing “It is no secret what God can do”, or “Whispering Hope”. My parents slightly disapproved of this as Jo Stafford was not a “born again Christian”.

But I was enchanted by her voice.

Some 40 years later I purchased a double C.D. of her “hits”. I read the liner notes, to discover that Jo Stafford had lived for five years in Pittsfield, MA, where. Many years later I was Rector of the local Episcopal Church.

Well, these are the ramblings of an older man. They may mean very little to the three or four readers of this blog!

But you can read more about Jo on Wikipedia, and hear some of her songs on You Tube.

John Michael the Nostalgic!

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