Friday, 29 August 2008

A Friday in retirement.

Long distance pastoral care, (with an 18 year old former Pittsfield parishioner – in London UK for a semester – and now feeling very lonely).

Lunch here with my pals Ben, Michael and Charles.

Bowling with the Friday group. (I bowled miserably!)

Working on my sermon for Sunday 31st August.

Paying some bills.

Such has been a Friday in retirement.

But there was also joy. The Mexican workers - and do they indeed work hard, have almost finished their work in replacing our mansards. They are great guys. It’s been a pleasure to have them in our community.

Each Friday since April I have given them a 12 pack of Mexican brewed beer. This has been an “end of week” thank you to these hard and gracious workers.

They will be leaving early next week, so today I gave them the 12 pack, plus a bottle of good Tequila.

I handed the Tequila to Jorge, the very bright foreman. I said “this is for you, or you can share it”.

He replied “we always share”.

In the midst of writing this, my good friend Betsy in Pittsfield telephoned to send her love on this day, the 7th anniversary of my Mum’s death. To be honest I had forgotten the anniversary.

But it made me feel so loved that Betsy remembered.

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