Saturday, 30 August 2008


Bill and Patrick moved to SRQ about a year ago. They each retired from Minnesota.
Soon after their retirement they acquired “Maggie” a lovely young “Schnauzer”.

I got to know Maggie very soon as I would meet her early each morning when Bill took her out for her first “pee” walk of the day.

Patrick and Bill are on vacation in Alaska. My good pal Ben is “dog-sitting” Maggie.

Maggie loves her early morning walk.

With Ben’s approval I have been slinking into his home at about 6:10 a.m. to take Maggie for this walk, (whilst Ben sleeps).

It’s cool to be an honorary dog owner.

This is what I have learned.

The human says “walkies”: with the sincere belief that the canine needs a good walk.

The canine responds with enormous enthusiasm.

But soon the cooperation ends.

The human wants to take a brisk walk from point A to points B and C, and then back to point A. The walk is all important.

The canine wants to follow his/her nose; to pee at will; and never to walk in a straight line. The nose is all important.

Life is like that!

There are the driven ones whose lives are focussed from A, to B, to C and then perhaps back to A.

Then there are the meandering ones who follow their noses.

I am more driven than meandering. But how I respect and admire those who follow their noses!

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