Friday, 31 October 2008

Purchasing a shirt

I bought a shirt this week. No big deal, except that it was a clerical shirt.

I’ve owned but two of these since retirement - one long-sleeved (which I never need to wear in sunny Florida) – the other one short-sleeved (it’s seen better days).

Now that I have changed my parish affiliation as a “Retired Priest Associate” to St. Boniface Church, Sarasota, FL from a parish in Englewood FL, I decided that I should look spiffier on Sunday mornings.

I cared deeply for the Rector and people in Englewood, but the 45 minute journey has made it difficult for me to be involved there, except on Sundays.

St. Boniface is much nearer. It is a progressive parish with a fine Rector (Ted Copeland), and an Assistant Rector (Andie [Andrea] Taylor) who was a good friend and colleague of mine in Massachusetts.


A reader of my blog has been seeking photo’s for the web site of a Quaker – photo’s of folks from all over giving the peace sign. I sent in my photo’, together with one of my pal Ben. You can see them at

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