Sunday, 19 October 2008

Yes we can!

A Sarasota group called “Women for Obama” arranged a “Walk for Obama” across the Ringling Bridge today. 700 walkers registered.

Then they put the word out that all were welcome, so I joined in.

I joined in with thousands of others.

We walked approximately 2200 yards east to west (and then back again).

Mid-walk the bridge was filled with walkers for the entire 2,200 yards.

Assuming that we were a yard and a half or so behind each other, if we had been single file we’d have numbered about 1,500.

But we were often three or four abreast, so a very conservative estimate would place our numbers at 4,000.

So I suspect that there were at least 4,000 walkers, and probably more.

It was an exciting, exhilarating walk. The weather was so much in our favour, a cloudless sky, temperatures in the high 70’s, and a consistent cooling breeze.

Motorists on the bridge were great. We received so many “toot, toot, toot” sounds from the car horns, to which we responded “Yes We Can”.

A few motorists gave us the thumbs down. Some averted their gaze. One brave couple drove back and forth with a McCain sign, and we responded with good grace and humour.

This all happened in Sarasota, which has not voted for a Democratic Party candidate since the days of F.D.R.

I am psyched and pumped, and will work my butt off for Senator Obama here in SRQ.

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