Saturday, 8 November 2008

Wise, sour and sweet

The outstanding Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, the Most Revd. Katherine J Schori spent five hours with the clerics of South West Florida yesterday.

She was little short of magnificent in her sermon (which I will publish tomorrow), and superb in her relaxed question and answer encounters with us.

Comfortable in her own skin, as cool as cucumber, filled with intelligence and wisdom, and extremely articulate – this spiritual leader delighted us all.

She talked about the necessity of “blessing” those with whom we disagree.

I returned home on a “high”, only to encounter my very difficult neighbour engaged in a tirade against our landscaper. Her language was foul, and she called him every name in the book - plus some which are not in any book.

I stood mute with the landscaper (I respect him greatly) and he kept his cool. Then she began to explain to me how she had caused damage in my car-port earlier in the day.

Lord only knows why she had been in my car-port, but it transpired that she had parked her car there whilst I was away.

I asked her to stay out of my property, and also to “stay out of my life”. (She truly is the most difficult person). Then I too was serenaded with an array of insulting language.

I went into the house knowing that I was incapable of “blessing her” – but remembering, thank God, that our Presiding Bishop had also talked about the importance of boundaries in human relationships.

After an early lunch today, I stretched out on my sofa for a nap. Ada, my shy cat, jumped up and stretched herself out on my tummy, so that she too could nap.

My two sweet cats more than make up for my sour neighbour

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