Sunday, 7 December 2008

I sky dived today

I sky dived on Sunday Dec 7th '08. We took off from Sarasota Airport, climbed to 10,500' then I jumped - in tandem of course!

There was a free fall of 6,000' feet before John Ledbetter, my "tandem master" pulled the rip cord!

It was a wonderful experience. I did not experience a moment of fear, though I did feel nauseous on the way down.

The views were incredible. I was so happy that a number of friends met me on the ground. Ron and Charlotte brought champagne!

Here are some pics - not in sequential order.


  1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe it! But I've seen the photographic evidence to prove it. Wow! Just, wow!

  2. Wow! Imagine seeing those beautiful beaches from the sky. I've heard of Flying Bishops, but never Diving Priests. Thanks for the gorgeous photos.

  3. Michael--What a fantastic story and great photos. Talk about a leap of faith! Thanks for sharing your big day.
    --Eric Williams

  4. my uncle - the skydiving vicar!!! the pics are awesome and i am very proud and impressed.