Monday, 15 December 2008

Too much on my mind

Where shall I start! There is too much on my mind.

There are my cats, one of whom is sick.

There is the impending visit of my friend from Brasil. (More about this tomorrow).

I have more to write about Christmas hymns and carols.

Then there is BEN.

Ben is a good friend. I met him via his late partner Bruce - a good friend and colleague of mine since 1976.

Ben has a wonderful background in the Theatre. He has met and worked with all the greats.

He and his first partner Louis were together for 40 years until Louis died.

Then Ben was with Bruce for 15 years until the latter’s death.

Now Ben and I pal around together. As my good brother Martyn said “We are good for each other”.

Ben and I are not lovers, let alone partners. But we see each other most days. We drink coffee together; eat lunch or dinner together; clown around and make horrible puns, or tell hoary jokes. We make each other laugh.

I called Ben this morning and invited him to share lunch with me. Of course he accepted.

I served a “Fray Bentos” Steak and Kidney pie (from a can/tin), with stir fried chard, red peppers and onions.

Ben is the only one of my friends who would enjoy steak and kidney pie. Many Americans pee themselves at the thought of eating kidney, but not so Ben.

(Incidentally, I had four can/tins of steak and kidney pie. Stephanie and Joe Shorge brought then to me from England many years ago. I had been saving them for the Apocalypse, but since that seems to have been delayed I sacrificed one can today!)

The lunch, served with a good Pinot Grigio, was yummy.

After dessert (half an apple and a cookie each) Ben and I drove off to Sam’s Wholesale Club, laughing at every turn.

I wanted to buy Kleenex, Koffee and Kat Fish. But wild caught Grouper was on sale at an excellent price, so I bought that instead of Cat Fish. And the “Sam’s Club” coffee is so good - it is “Fair Trade” to boot.

Ben and I are an odd couple, separated by 20 years.

Ben’s background is Theatre, and he is an atheist.

My background is Church and I am a christian (or more likely “an agnostic in the Christian tradition”.

But as Martyn said, we are good for each other.


  1. And so you are!!

  2. You are very lucky. I can go days without speaking to anyone in real life especially now that we have summer holidays and all the seniors activities are on break. And my cooking skills are mainly take out of freezer and put in microwave.