Friday, 9 January 2009

Did you see the photo’ of Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush, George Walker Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, James Earl Carter – with President elect Barack Hussein Obama at the White House?

Did you notice that the two Bush’s, Clinton and Obama were shoulder to shoulder - but that Carter was off to one side?

I believe that this says something about Jimmy Carter.

I received a Christmas card from friends in Boston, MA, with a terrific photo’ of Mum and Dad and their two sets of twins.

The older twins are boys. The younger twins are a boy and a girl.

Each family member was looking directly at the camera, except for the younger twin boy. He looked off into the distance.

Jimmy Carter and this young boy.

Holding themselves aloof from the others.

Standing apart from the crowd.

I understand. Those of us with strong but fragile egos always hold ourselves apart from the crowd.

Our egos are strong. We are able to take risks; to go out on a limb; to act from the impulses of our hearts more than from the wisdom of our minds.

But our egos are fragile. We long for constant praise and affirmation. We are easily hurt. We want everyone to love us and to respect us. We crave to be welcomed into the crowd, though we would beat a hasty retreat were such an invitation be given.

I am with you - Jimmy Carter and my young friend in Boston.

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