Sunday, 4 January 2009

Saturdays. Sundays. Outrage.


See this wonderful piece from my friend Elizabeth Kaeton


I celebrated the Eucharist for the children at St. Boniface today. What joy! One of the few things I miss in retirement is the presence of children in my life. So I was tackled pink to be with these youngsters, and to share the hold bread and wine with them.

Soon afterwards I went to have lunch with Barbara and Kay. We were joined by my dear friends Ron and Charlotte Thompson, and Ben Morse.

Kay and Barbara provided an old fashioned Sunday lunch, with roasted pork, potatoes and carrots. We lingered at the table for 2 ½ hours, enjoying the food; each other; and lively conversations.

This Sunday was good!


I am outraged at the Israeli offensive against the Palestinians of Gaza. Without going through all the old and tired arguments, I raise the issue of proportionality.

Even if Hamas and the Gaza strip Palestinians are as bad as Israel and our American State Department brand them (and I doubt that) – it is quite clear that the Gaza strip resembles a huge prison. The deprived Palestinians, who in many cases have had their homes, lands and farms stolen from them, are understandably frustrated and angry to the point of violence.

So they use feeble homemade rockets and mortar shells to strike out against their oppressors.

I do not endorse this, but I understand it. They are an oppressed people.

The response of the I.D.F – (Israeli Defence Forces) has been stunning in its brutality and indiscriminate use of high tech weapons.

It is totally out of proportion to the alleged “offences” of the Palestinians in the tiny Gaza strip.

And should you accuse me of anti-Semitism as a result of what I have written then you are sadly mistaken. I have spent over fifty years fighting anti-Semitism in all its manifestations.

I love and respect Judaism and the Jewish heritage.

I am dismayed at the actions of the Israeli Government.

I can hold both this respect and this dismay in my mind, as part of the seamless robe of justice.

Please see for an ISRAELI take on these events.

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  1. Lisa and I spoke of this same thing this morning. What a shame you (anyone, really) has to make the "anti-Semitism" disclaimer when discussing this volatile issue. It seems, with some, one is immediately branded "anti-Semitic" if one disagrees with the tactics of the Israeli government.

    Heck, I disagree with some of what the United States' government does, but it doesn't make me anti-American. I disagree with much of what the Iranian government does, but that doesn't make me anti-Muslim.

    May there somehow be a path to Peace that God opens up in this situation. Otherwise, it will be for naught. And may we all be able to discuss such issues in a civilized way (but I won't hold my breath on that one!). :)