Sunday, 25 January 2009

Down memory lane

I have been completing the paperwork which will enable me to get a small pension from the Pension service in the United Kingdom. This will reflect the 12 or so years in which I worked in the U.K. before migrating to the U.S.A.

I have kept some records including my British “National Insurance Number”. To my dismay I could not find the copy of my birth certificate, which I was certain was in a paper file folder here. Ne’er mind. I went “on-line” and a duplicate will be sent me.

But I do have a copy of my WWII “National Registration Identity Card”. It reveals that my mother registered my birth with the National Registration Identity folks, just five days after I was born.

It also showed that I was born at number 42 Alpine Road, Easton, Bristol.
I knew that my twin and I had been born in a house on Alpine Road, but I had never before known at the house number.

The card also reveals that my family and I moved to 47 Devon Road on 28th December 1945.

There is a whole story about why my twin and I were born in a house on Alpine Road, and why we moved back to the home that my parents owned on Devon Road in 1945. That story can wait for another time.

But for now, as I look at the card I am intrigued by my mother’s handwriting and signature in 1944 and 1945. Wow - that’s just how I write today!

And I am shocked that I was born during World War II. That makes me feel so old!

But my present life assures me that I am still young.

And the sight of Mum’s signature in her familiar hand: “E. M Povey” brings tears to my eyes.

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