Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Hunter Pope

Hunter’s family came to St. James’s, Cambridge, MA in about 2002.

Hunter’s Mom had played her flute at a wedding there. She was so delighted with the Liturgy that soon afterwards she, her husband Ken, and their four children became regular attenders.

In due course I drove from Cambridge, MA to Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA to have dinner with the six Popes: Ken and Tess (parents), Ramsey and Connor (older twins), and Molly and Hunter (younger twins).

It was a jolly evening. Each of the Popes responded to my silly-ness, and laughed alongside me.

Each of them: except for Hunter. He refused to look me in the eye; and refused to giggle with us.

After dinner, Ramsey, Connor, Molly and Hunter took their baths. Then we all went to a bedroom for a story, and for bedtime prayers.

After a bit of romping, Hunter stood up on the top level of a bunk bed.

He looked down, and then said something which I have never forgotten.

He said: “Michael Povey, I like you”.

Those were the first words he ever addressed to me.

He did not say “I love you”. He said “I like you”.

Sometimes it is better to be liked than to be loved.

Now HUNTER, aged 12, has died. I will never again hear him say “Michael Povey, I like you”.

So I want to cry.

I hope that you also will shed your tears.

The photo’ (above) is of Hunter and his twin sister Molly.

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  1. Oh, Michael. How awful. What a sweet remembrance. I cannot believe that in this day and age a child could die from the Flu. It makes no sense to me.

    Prayers and tender mercies for the Pope family.