Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Molly Pope - aged 12, twin of Hunter comments on his funeral plans and on the press coverage of Hunter's death

Molly sent you a message.

Subject: Hunter

The wake is on Friday at Brady & Fallon Funeral Home on Tower Street right by the Forest Hills T-Station

The funeral is on Saturday at Saint James Episcopal Church in Porter Square

He'll be wearing the 'Free Hugs' T-Shirt he made on Friday for Valentines Day (Thats why he wouldn't stay home from school)
The camo pants he was obsessed with
No shoes (he NEVER wears shoes)
He'll have his lion blanket (whenever someone touched it he made my mom wash it)
He'll be in a box because it fits him and he hides in boxes a lot
and we're going to cremate him on Fern Hill in the Forest Hills Cemetery

For anyone who doesn't know, he died of influenza type B, and they couldn't keep his heart going and they couldn't stabilize him, it ended up being heart failure

And the news got it all wrong, they took all the wrong information on purpose

When they came to interview us, we told them that it had nothing to do with the fact that he didn't have his flu shot because it doesn't effect Influenza B. However, the front page of the Herald (the people who interviewed us) said "He didn't take his flu shot"

And we told them a million friggin times that it didn't matter, but they didn't listen.

They asked me "Do you miss your brother?"

And then he walked away

He probably only said it to trigger tears, but he did a bad job because we were just mad at him instead

The news man had terrible fake hair :)

Anyway, if you think you knew him well enough to come, if you were good friends, if you want to see him, whatever reason you have, you're welcome to come

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  1. THANK YOU, so much for taking the time to point out, amidst your grief, that the strain he died of was not covered by the flu shot. It's TERRIBLE that the news is trying to profit from your loss by spreading misinformation.