Saturday, 7 March 2009


We spent a couple of days in Atlanta.

There I was able to stop by St. Luke’s Church on Peachtree Street. I took a three month sabbatical leave there in 1991. I got a bit teary eyed as good memories from 1991 flooded back.

Up in Roswell GA I saw Ruth Card. She is one of the two parishioners at Good Shepherd, Fitchburg who, waiting at the front door, greeted me when I flew in from England in 1976 to be their Pastor. (The other, Sam Doak, is also still alive). Ruth is in her late 80’s and a bit frail.

Gabriel and I went out to Decatur, GA for dinner. There we hooked up with Susan (from Pittsfield) and Tracy (from Cambridge). It was good also to see Susan’s partner Lisa (they have stayed with me here) and Tracy’s beau Peter-John.

Best of all, I saw daffodils and forsythia in bloom. Neither grow in this part of Florida. I had forgotten how much I miss them.

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  1. It was fun to meet you and Gabriel and share many laughs in Decatur.