Monday, 9 March 2009

More vacation stuff

Washington D.C. is by any chalk a magnificent capital City.

See the following for the concept of the City by French architect Pierre L’Enfant.'Enfant

I was in D.C. for a couple of days during my recent holiday.

There I was able to visit the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art and view a wonderful exhibition from Pompeii.

And in the West Wing I enjoyed great photo’s “The Americas” by Robert Frank.

I also enjoyed one of the few fee-paying Museums, a museum of news known as the NEWSEUM.

It is a fabulous place for news-junkies such as I.

After a surfeit of Museums I headed out, with my Brasilian friend Gabriel, to DuPont Circle.

There we had a lovely and relaxing dinner with Gary, son of my friends (from 1976) Don and Barbara Hauler, and his partner Ed.

“To heck” I say with Miami, Disney, California and all the popular spots. Washington D.C. is THE place to visit in these United States of America.

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