Thursday, 19 March 2009

Other flights

My mother, born in 1913, made about 8 round trips between the U.K. and the U.S.A. I think that she enjoyed them.

One day I said “Mum, I bet your own mother would not have believed you if you’d said ‘One day I will fly to America’

Mum replied “I would not have believed it myself”

Now I have made about 15 or so of those round trips, plus a couple from the U.S.A to Germany, and another to Rome.

And I have taken at least two score flights within these United States.

At one time I thought that these flights were fun. Now I hate them. The cabins are so cramped, and my legs and feet inevitably get to ache, and to be restless. “If only” .... I could afford Business Class.

I’ve also taken three longer trips.

1, From London to Nairobi. (With a bonus layover in Cairo, where I got to see the pyramids and the sphinx.

2. From Bradley International Airport (Hartford Ct/Springfield Ma) to Oahu (Hawaii).

3. From Boston to Beirut, Lebanon.

None of my recent flights have been anything but a chore. But I cannot afford to use a sea cruise liner, and there are no trains from the U.S.A. to Europe!

So, with legs already aching, I’ll fly from Tampa, FL to London (Gatwick) in May.

I’ll then enjoy my family and friends in England.

Midst my anticipatory moans, I’ll try to remember earlier immigrants in the U.S.A., who, having taken an ocean liner, never again saw their kin.

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  1. Have you noticed that British airlines are generally nicer (prettier cabins; friendlier people; better snacks and entertainment options) than American ones? I've flown to London on Virgin Atlantic and on American, and it was night and day. One small thing you can try to make your flight more bearable. Failing that, I will be happy to take your seat... it would be a sacrifice, yes - but anything for you, Michael!