Friday, 24 April 2009

Birds so it. Bees do it. Even educated Fleas do it........

.......... let’s fall in love.

The mockingbirds are around again. Not as many, it seems, as last spring. They are nesting and breeding.

The crows (i.e. “gangsta birds”) know this, and with this knowledge they are trying to rob nests. “Not so quick” the mockingbirds say. They call for aid, and are joined by others – a group effort to protect the fledglings.

I watch with delight as the “mosquito” jets drive off the “junker” bombers. “The Battle of Britain” re-enacted!

I walk by the pond. I notice the shallow sandy depressions at the bottom of the pond. They are nests. Fishes – maybe Tilapia or Bass have “fallen in love” and the nests are hives of tiny fish, with an adult hovering above.

Down the road a bit in Osprey I saw a pair of Sandhill Cranes fly over. These magnificent birds mate for life. They usually have but one chick per year. My host told me that this couple has two chicks – chicks which they will guard with their lives.

Tomorrow I will officiate at the wedding of Hung Wei Lee and Erin Elizabeth Brennan. Hung (32) is a Pathologist in two of our local hospitals. Erin (28) is a Registered Nurse at the Children’s Hospital in St. Pete. It has been a joy and delight to “prepare” them for this day.

But the true preparation has been the gift of their parents. Erin and Hung are privileged to have been raised by wise and stable parents.

I doff my hat t’wards these parents. Falling in love is one thing. Staying in love is another. Raising the young is the most difficult. I could not do it.

My dear friends Joe and Dee were here for two days with their children Faith and Ben. Joe and Dee have been married for maybe 17 years. They are wise and loving parents.

The children are totally assured of the never falling love of their parents. And they also know that Mum and Dad have set gracious and loving boundaries for their safety.

So it was a pleasure to have these children in my home.

Faith (almost 13) is quiet and often has her nose buried in a book. She has a ready smile and is entirely at home in adult company. She is a keen follower of "American Idol" a TV show which I have never seen, and about which she had to teach me.

Ben (9) is “all boy”. He is a nonstop talker (a kindred spirit for me!), except when he is working on a project. At my home his project was to build a helicopter from Lego pieces (something I could not do).

He loved to walk with me and Penny. A couple of times I encouraged him to chase some ducks – which he did with the greatest of glee.

Joe, Dee, I and the children ate out in restaurants twice. I got almost teary eyed when they each addressed the server with “please may I have .....” as they named their choice from the menu.

Many adults are not polite enough to address servers with that level of grace.

So this is my confession of awe and admiration for those who fall in love; those who stay in love; and those who are committed in love. (And you know that my awe and admiration embraces all expressions of committed love).

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