Monday, 20 April 2009

When right is wrong,

I have “had it” with “Christian” right wingers

They are wrong.

#1. The Pope is a delusional megalomaniac. The use of condoms does not, as he believes, contribute to the spread of AIDS. He is blinkered, ignorant, or wilfully stupid if he believes this.

#2. Bishop Duncan (formerly of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh [USA]) asserts that my beloved Episcopal Church has created a “new religion”. He offers not one shred of evidence to support his views.

He simply asserts this, but his assertion is no more than his opinion.

I know not of one Episcopal Church leader who denies the truth of the Holy Scriptures or of the Creeds

I think that the Bishop lives in an un-parallel world of his own ego and imagination

#3. In a recent NPR radio programme, a spokesman for the Protestant “Liberty University” in Lynchburg, VA, (a creation of a fundamentalist preacher - Jerry Falwell), opposed gay marriages or unions , and the adoption of children by gay/lesbian couples.

He did so on the basis of “think of the children”.

He asserted that the children of gay or lesbian couples would have less than a fair chance in life.

I seem to remember that this used to be said about children of “bi-racial” couples. Many folks would say “I am not opposed to black/white marriages, but I feel badly for the children. They will suffer”.

So far as I know, that assertion has proven to be bull-shit.

And I am not at all convinced that all “straight” marriages, and the resulting progeny, have proven to be the best exemplars of family life.

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