Sunday, 3 May 2009

More about my mother's family.

Follow up from yesterday.

The first photo’ is of my maternal grandparents, Francis and Kate Finch.
Grandmother Kate died six months after my birth. Grandfather Francis died when I was between two and three years old. I have a very shadowy memory of being taken to see him when he lay in bed a-dying.

The second photo’ was taken in Sep 1946 when my mother’s brother Wally married Irene Parsons.

It is the only remaining picture of my mother’s family.

You’ll see me aged 27th months on my Mum’s lap, and my twin Elizabeth on the Bride’s lap.

Immediately to my left is my Aunt Phyll (married to my mother’s brother Fred). On her lap is my cousin Rosemary, who died in her early 20’s.

Right behind me and my Mum is my cousin Sheila, daughter to my mother’s brother Harold, and his wife Doll. In her adulthood Sheila, (after the death of her parents, and her divorce) became very close to my Mum and to me and my siblings.

Sheila also died, all too soon, from cancer when she was in her 50’s.

To the bride’s right is Aunt Lily Tubby. I heard her name many times but I am not sure where she “fits in”. I suspect (from her look) that she was my Grandfather’s sister.

The adult immediately behind Aunt Lily Tubby is Aunt Lily Clark. Again, I do not remember her, but I suspect (again from her look) that she was a sister of my Grandmother Kate.

(They were Aunts Lily Tubby and Clark to distinguish the two Aunt Lilys).

To the right of Aunt Lily Tubby is Aunt Ada, a sister of my grandmother. I got to know Aunt Ada very well after my Mum took me to her home in Lowestoft, Suffolk for my first “holiday” in 1955.

Behind and between Lily Tubby and Aunt Ada is my sister Maureen. To her right (with her face partly obscured) is my sister Jean.

The third photo’ is of the bride, Aunt Irene – the only surviving adult from all the adults at her wedding. It was taken two years ago when she was 81 years old!

Irene has always been my favourite Aunt. She lived in Bristol, UK and has visited me three or four times in these United States.

She plans to be at my birthday celebration in May - the last living member of my parents’ generation.

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