Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Thank you, and here is more

Thanks Pals

I am grateful for your responses. It is good to know that I have faithful readers. I will persist in my “all over the map” blog.

I will NOT major in religion or politics since so many other blogs do this so well.

But I WILL continue to be quirky.



When I was a baby, my twin and I were hauled around in a perambulator – a.k.a. “pram”: (see yesterday’s blog).

No-one perambulates these days. But it is a decent enough activity.

I also love to “peregrinate”.

The cool thing is that consenting adults can peregrinate together in public. (Please do not tell Repuglicans about this. I know that they would instinctively be against public and mutual peregrination.)

(When you are bored, check into the connection between “peregrinate” and “pilgrim”)

And, unless you are saving the world, wonder with me why the words “gubernatorial” and “solon” have disappeared from newspaper headlines.

Giggles! jmp

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