Friday, 1 May 2009

More old pics

A few people have been happy to see some of my old photo’s on this blog.

I have been able to attach them since my new Epson printer has a scanner.

Maybe I have wanted to attach them since I plan to be in England this May to be with my sibs, (there are nine of us) and to celebrate my 65th birthday.

Here are some pictures of my twin (Elizabeth) and me.

You will see us as babies - I am the one holding a key.

There is another picture taken when we were approx 3 or 4. I am already gazing upwards!

The third picture is when we were (maybe) 9 or 10. Already my twin is taller than I.
It was not until puberty (late in my case), that I leap-frogged her by an inch or two.

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