Saturday, 2 May 2009

My Mum's family of origin.

My Mum was one of 8 children.

There were two who I never met.

Her sister Kate died of “lock-jaw” (tetanus poisoning?), long before I was born.

Her youngest brother, Albert was killed in Normandy in August 1944, three months after my birth.

I met her oldest brother John but once, when Mum arranged a family reunion in about 1960.

He had long before hoved off to Southend-on-Sea. There he was the town Mortician. He had a daughter, my cousin Margaret. I have never met her.

Her brother Harold lived in our neighbourhood. He was a cobbler, back in the days when cobblers were common. I met him often, together with his wife “Doll”. I remember him as a simple (in the best sense of that word) man.

I met their son, my cousin John many years ago – but only once.

Their daughter, my cousin Sheila, became a treasured friend to us, her Povey relatives, until her sad and untimely death from cancer when she was in her 50’s

Reginald was another of my mother’s brothers. He was a bit of a braggart. I never cared for him, or for his wife Dorothy. In fact none of my sibs liked him very much. He was full of piss and vinegar. They had no children.

Uncle Fred lived nearby with his wife Phyll. They had but one daughter, my cousin Rosemary.

She died in her early 20’s from Hodgkin’s disease. After her death she was “laid out” in her family’s parlour until her burial. That used to be the universal custom in Great Britain, but her “at home wake” was the last I ever saw – in about 1960.

Then there was Uncle Wally. He was an old fashioned man, devoted more to lawn bowling than to his family.

He and his wife Irene had four children: my cousins Alan, Janet, Kate and Christopher.

Alan died a couple of years ago - he was much too young for death. He lived for many years in Holland, and is survived by his Dutch wife Betsy and their two children.

Kate lives the hippy life in Spain.

I am in contact with Janet and Christopher.

Strange ain’t it.

My mother had 7 siblings, but only 8 nieces/ nephews.

I have 8 siblings, and 19 nieces/nephews.
We are not exactly over-breeders!

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