Friday, 19 June 2009

Big fat juicy hamburgers, and other stuff

When I was in the work world I was well organised. There were tasks at hand, and by and large I would accomplish them in an orderly and prompt way. I would often make lists of “things I had to do” the next day.

In retirement there is always “tomorrow”. So I have become a bit of a procrastinator where tidying up, doing dishes, ironing etc. are concerned.

Penne my dog takes longer to find the perfect place to poop than some humans take to choose a life partner.

Adelaide, the junior cat, loves to be outdoors. I watched her this afternoon as she rolled over and over on my driveway, in apparent bliss to be in the great outdoors. Later she came to the back door, mewing to be let in. As soon as I opened the door she ran away - just to annoy me.

Ada, the senior cat prefers to eat and sleep. Or sleep and eat.

It seems that debit card readers at gas stations and supermarkets may be too clever by half. Gas station readers demand my zip code, ask me whether or not I want a receipt, and when I think that they are done, ask me whether or not I want a car wash. At the supermarket the readers ask me first for my pin, then whether I want “cash back”, and then if I will accept the amount. I have never dared press “no” to this last question.

This being done the clerk tells me that I have saved 40 cents. I always want to say “no I didn’t save that amount” it’s simply that I did not spend it.

“Not spending” and “saving” are two different matters.

I think that the use of debit cards has slowed transactions.

There is a house on 17th Street which bears homemade signs advertising articles for sale. One of the signs reads “Golf Ball’s”. If 17th Street were not so busy I would stop and get rid of that apostrophe.

Yesterday I was walking with Penne around the lake. I saw a stray dog, some 20 yards away, on the other side of the lake. Another (dog less) walker approached me, and pointing to the stray asked “Is that your dog?”


I couldn’t resist my naughty impulse. Pointing at Penne, at the other end of the leash which I was holding I said “no, this is my dog”.

I wanted to say “what a stupid question

“Lust” is one of the seven deadly sins. I have been filled with lust today. Lust for a big fat juicy hamburger with cheese and bacon, and a huge side of fries. I ate salad for lunch and a tiny sirloin steak with steamed cabbage for dinner.

But Ben and I have agreed to go in search of the ultimate hamburger for lunch tomorrow.

I love being a cranky and inconsistent retiree!


Penne upside down

Penne and Adelaide

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  1. I LOVE that upside down photo of Penny! Too precious. :)